Library Program- Build a Bullet Journal

This blog aims to provide all the materials needed to plan a library event surrounding making books and bullet journals. You can find information about bullet journals at this blog post! The outline below is not the only way to run an event like this, and many of the blog posts have tips and tricks for implementing… Continue reading Library Program- Build a Bullet Journal



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Bullet Journaling

So throughout this process you have all read my idea of making a bullet journal, but what is a bullet journal? The main website where Bullet Journals seem to have cropped up from says a bullet journal is "a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but… Continue reading Bullet Journaling

Attaching your Signatures to your Cover

The time is finally here to put all the pieces together! The time where all your hard work, blood, sweat, and tears come together for a beautiful end product. To complete this last step you will need the following supplies: Supplies: Cover for book Signatures Scissors Paper (this paper can be any color. I stuck… Continue reading Attaching your Signatures to your Cover

Binding your Signatures Together

Now that our book is starting to look like a book, I'm sure you are excited to get to the final product! The next step is to bind your signature's together to create the body of your book. This step can be super easy or super complicated. I chose the easy route and went with… Continue reading Binding your Signatures Together

Creating Book Pages Part Two

Now that we have made our paper, decorated our covers, and trimmed our pages, it's time to get binding! There are many options out there, and I've chosen what I consider to be the easiest and fastest. There is always the option to staple your signatures together, but I found this to be bulky during… Continue reading Creating Book Pages Part Two

Creating Book Pages Part One

Now that we've created covers for our books, and made paper, it's time to focus on creating the inside portion of our book! Supplies: Paper Book Scissors Ruler if you want specific measurements (I threw caution to the wind and eyeballed my measurements.) Steps to Trimming Pages: Fold your pages in half. Lay your book… Continue reading Creating Book Pages Part One

Creating a Book Cover

No matter what type of paper you are using, dust jacket or no dust jacket, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your books cover! I have a goal to start using a bullet journal so I knew I wanted to turn my book into a creative outlet to start this new journey.… Continue reading Creating a Book Cover

Weeding = New Book Cover

We all hate doing it, but it's something that has to be done. Weeding. Not everything that is weeded meets the fate that the book below did, but many of them do. Recycled, put in garbage bins, or smuggled out of libraries in the dark of night to avoid patrons scowls. Weeding must be done… Continue reading Weeding = New Book Cover

Making Paper from Paper Bags

Hello and welcome to another post about how to make paper! I am still on the search for a paper making method that is simple, takes up little space, and has a short dry time (see previous post about my tiny apartment and inquisitive cat). And my gosh, I think I might have found my… Continue reading Making Paper from Paper Bags